New article about DEFAMED and the controversy surrounding it!

DEFAMED: The Miniseries THEY Don’t Want You To See Resumes Tonight!


DEFAMED Episode 2 airs on tonight at 8pm

TRONA, CA: Upstart production company and media content provider DNN has been making a lot of waves this past week with its unveiling of the much-anticipated Jason Deeh Pitre miniseriesDEFAMED.  So many waves in fact that last Sunday’s replay of DEFAMED was sabotaged by tempestuous webcam personality Elisa Jordana, who was able to interrupt the live feed by filing a spurious complaint with Youtube, through which the video streamed. “Next, we’ll get their website taken down”, Jordana’s advisor, meddlesome John Mazza, cackled amid a prolonged effusion of gas, in reference to DNN Tribune.  Even as Mazza and Born Mush’s sidekick Chad Dahc exchanged high fives and tweeted screenshots, things were entering high gear at DNN.

Far from putting DNN out of business, let alone shuttering the Tribune, the duo merely hastened by a few hours a server shift that had been scheduled for that very day, removing YouTube from the loop.  They did, of course, cheat our viewers out of the climax and end of the first episode of DEFAMED. However, both DNN On-Air and DNN Tribune are now completely served from a privacy-friendly developing nation with plenty of bananas in it.  So, DNN can assure its viewers that future showings of the series “they” don’t want you to see will be presented without interruption.

DEFAMED Episode 2 continues tonight in a similar vein as Episode 1, but focuses on the accusations leveled against the mild-mannered singer/songwriter from Montreal.  If you found Episode 1 to be funny, this one will have your rolling in the aisles.  Be sure not to miss it!

To compensate viewers who missed the ending, DNN is presenting the final fifteen minutes of DEFAMED Episode 1 at 7:45PM ET TONIGHT on DNN On Air, just prior to the showing of Episode 2 at 8PM.  John Mazza and Elisa Jordana are encouraged to tune in at 7:30PM, when DNN will be airing Fair Use Law for Dummies.  As with last week, DNN’s Emilio will host an after-party Blab with Krystal and Jason Deeh Pitre.

DNN’s new server move opens up a lot of new possibilities in terms of programming at DNN On Air, and assures DNN On Air and DNN Tribune‘s autonomy and security.  It is a better system than DNN had previously been using.

This alone is reason to celebrate; however, this is still not one of the big announcements DNN promised to be “game changers”.  DNN tells the Tribune that it was going to announce them on Wednesday, but has decided to postpone the announcements until next week. Those announcements will concern our new partners in future endeavors.  Stay tuned for more information.