Article about J Deeh's YiR Special, after show, and DEFAMED!

TRONA, CA:  Friday was a busy day for DNN, as it hosted a replay of Jason Deeh Pitre‘s Year in Review appearance on DNN On Air, showed a scene from the highly anticipated DEFAMEDminiseries (debuting on DNN On Air on April 1st), and brought the party to Blab for an after-show. Good vibes and lots of laughs prevailed, as did growing excitement for DEFAMED and DNN’s other upcoming projects.  However, things took a turn for the real toward the end, with a bombshell revelation from Emilio.

Emilio aka CaptMuttley hosted the Blab, while Krystal, JeffM, and Jason Deeh Pitre participated.  Jason was the big guest of the evening, in honor of his special, and he fielded questions from the other three.  When asked if he was happy with how the miniseries had turned out, Jason answered in the affirmative, while Emilio could barely contain his excitement at the upcoming special.  Emilio said that when watching the preview clip, he was “hanging on every word”, to which JeffM concurred.

Deeh Pitre in an undated file photo

Deeh Pitre in an undated file photo

Emilio then talked about Deeh Pitre’s previous contributions to Elisa Jordana‘s Kermit and Friends webcast, which had been featured in theYear in Review special.  He noted how much effort Deeh Pitre always seemed to put into his appearances.  One particular sight-gag Emilio invoked was the bit where Deeh Pitre appeared, apropos of nothing, kissing his image in a mirror.  The effect created the illusion that he was kissing another man; Jason noted that it was “kinda tricky to look at”.  Jason’s, “xylophone appearance” was discussed, with JeffM registering a mild note of disgust.  Everyone agreed that Jason’s “Hate Fuck Elisa” song was a catchy earworm, and Jeff said that the song had been playing in his head all week.  Jason confessed to disliking the song because he had heard it too many times.  JeffM praised Jason’s closing song and appearance in Last Thirteen, which he said perfectly encapsulated the mood of the film.  He also inquired what happened when Elko Tron had visited him, noting that he had difficulty telling the real Elko apart from Jason’s band member, who had posed as a “fake” Elko at that time.  Jason replied, “I don’t know what happened.  There was anal everywhere, all kinds of weird shit”  He then gallantly noted that Elko had a boyfriend, and that he would say no more.

Jason said that these days, he communicates with Douche a lot, mostly because of theDEFAMED project.  However, it is all done by DM; he has not seen or spoken to Douche directly, which is also how Douche and Seederman communicated during the production ofLast Thirteen.  Krystal noted that the collaboration seemed to be a masterstroke; the teaser that alluded to a “meeting of titans” seemed to be apt.  Jason said that there were no other plans for more collaboration with Douche or DNN yet but suggested the door was always open.

A special message from Lamont, alter-ego of Douche the Monkey, was also played on Friday. This message added some context to the YIR specials and Jason’s DEFAMEDproject.

After Jason’s interview, various discussion followed on a number of topics, including thoughts about Elko, Barry Boss’ reality series and recent quest to make a celebrity sex tape, Krystal’s appearance with KC Armstrong on his show, a little KaF, and DNN’s future plans.

Grounded Sky Pilot, Emilio

Grounded Sky Pilot, Emilio

Emilio attempted to end the Blab at 52 minutes in, but the others wanted to hang out longer, and JeffM said he’d like to interview Emilio for a bit. The topic turned to flying; Jeff inquired whether Emilio still served as a pilot.  Emilio replied that he doesn’t fly anymore; he teaches. Then, he dropped a bombshell that was immediately seized upon by Mayor John Mazzaof semi-abandoned, crime-ridden Kermit Town. Emilio said that if he were to write a book about his flying days, he’d call it, “Ladies and Gentlemen Fasten Your Seatbelts Because I Did a Lot of Cocaine Last Night” [Editor’s note: we love the title, see if he has an agent]

This immediately stunned the others into an uncomfortable silence, broken only when the affable Emilio asked, “Any other questions, Jeff?”

She don't lie...

She don’t lie…

Emilio said he was saving the story for a future Blab, but briefly explained that three years ago, he had failed a drug test and was grounded. He claimed that he had never flown high, but he did not dispute the reason for his grounding.  The grounding resulted in his medical clearance being revoked, although he retains his pilot’s license.  Emilio is fully aware of the gravity of his mistake.  “It had been my dream to fly since childhood, and now I’ve completely destroyed it”, he told DNN after the Blab.  He also privately said that he had cleaned up and was in the process of undergoing the lengthy procedure to regain his medical clearance.  He confided that he’d never fly commercially again because he had lost his seniority, but that he’d like to regain his standing as a pilot.

Prior to the publication of this article, Seederman took him aside and asked him if he really wanted this information in the article.  Emilio, taking full responsibility for his actions, said it should go in the article.  DNN applauds Emilio for his candor and courage, and we know that he’s a good man who made a bad mistake and is now paying his debts for it.

Opportunistic Ringoes NJ Madman John Mazza, who in recent days has become completely unhinged as news about his illegal business infringing on patents surfaced amid rumors ofpolice reports being filed regarding his online comportment, went on a Twitter rampage in an effort to smear Emilio’s good name in the community but like all Mazza smear campaigns, so far it has been a fail.  With helpmates Pastafagioli and Born Mush sidelined with embarrassing revelations about them, Mazza’s conspicuous trolling has been met with yawns by most onlookers.  DNN is monitoring the situation should anything flare up, but we don’t expect much to happen.