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The Scroll has the first batch of summer shows booked! Montreal and Toronto!

The Scroll will be performing the following dates: 


- June 11th.Katacombes.9pm.Montreal

- August 26th.Mod Club.6pm.Toronto

- August 27th.(club uncomfirmed).(hour uncomfirmed).Toronto


NOTE: Because of promoter issues, the following shows are pushed back to a later date: 


- June 3rd.Velvet Underground.9pm.Toronto (Cancelled)

- June 8th.The Mod Club.6pm.Toronto (Cancelled)

My new 6 part series DEFAMED: THE PEOPLE VS JASOUCHE DOUCHON is airing on April 1st!

DEFAMED: THE PEOPLE VS JASOUCHE DOUCHON is my new 6 PART SERIES I've been frantically working on that focuses on one of the biggest witch hunts and defamations on videocasting ever. Unfortunately, it involved yours truly. The series is a detailed and procedural look at how tribalism can make the masses believe anything. It's also a cyber mystery, of sorts. Anyway, if this floats your boat, it'll be airing LIVE on APRIL 1st (with a chat). Episodes will air every Friday and will also have a repeat showing on Sunday nights. The link and time will be announced soon!


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