DO YOU TRUSS ME? is now available to rent and buy online!

Watch J Deeh's second feature film DO YOU TRUSS ME? here:


IT'S FINALLY ONLINE!!! Here's my second feature film DO YOU TRUSS ME? for y'all to see! The film was shot between 2011-1013. The final cut was done in 2016. Thank you to all who starred and helped out: Set LanderichAriane Michaud-RancourtMaria S SertorelliJocelyn Guitard,Melanie VallieresLouis-Eric GagnonNadia FaureMarie-Eve Amazawa, Kim Cormier, Christina SaundersKurtys Kidd, Lorka St-Louis, CAthy Jolicoeur, Christian Pichette, Philippe CoolLiette PitreSteph Maurel, Peter Black, Mario Burlaps BrulotteAudrey Ann Couture, Beatrice Filstein,Isabelle Hénault, Francois Noel, Benoit GaucherAnick Brault, Annie Carbonneau, Roxy Fraser, Vladimir Bott, Nikolay Lambov, Annie De GrandpréKassandra Smith LepageNick Doyle, Michel Angelo, Mark BlanchardJoe McHargDimitrios MoraitisKatrina BouharovaTaimi Tallieu,Danielle Hubbard, Robert Boulanger, Philip FaithAmanda'Mour Ihnatowicz, Marie-Eve R, Jeremie Jesus Martin, Izabella Kadr, Julie HachéAudrey BeaucheminCharles Boivin, Marie-Claude Buteau, Mélanie Mélo Luciano,Claire Bones, Brian Gluck, Cynthia Brault Cyntault CréationsStef Eerie, Mille Rosado, Pierre St-Louis, Michel PoulinMarc MahoodDaniel Thomas, Florence Gauthier, Andre SnrValérie ArchambaultDavid De Garie-Lamanque, Julie Verfaillie, Patricia Jeanson, Jean G. TurgeonPierre Desmarais, Aleshia Ramone, Stephane Ouellet, Carol Harvey, Jashir ZR, Richard Lahmy, Emilie Brazeau, Joseph Bohbot, Becca Field, Goddess Mai, Cyril Hives, Cesar Rezer and Andrew Lank.
DO YOU TRUSS ME? was written and directed by yours truly. Basically, I was my own crew, but I couldn't have done it without the help of the actors and friends who put some hours and time into this. The budget was 5000$, which is ridiculous for a 3h feature film. The movie almost broke me, but I had my mind set on making an overly ambitious independent film. I'm very proud about what we accomplished. Here's some production facts: 
- 33% of the film is based on real experiences. 
- The film was written when I was going through traumatic events in my life. (which is why the tone is dark) During production, I felt myself healing on the inside. By the time I had finished the film, my mental state was back to normal and couldn't relate to the characters anymore. 
- The film took almost two years to shoot on weekends, and another 2 years to edit. The film was then recut and shortened from it's 3h17min running time to 2h55min. 
- DO YOU TRUSS ME? is an indirect sequel to my first film, AFFINITY POINT. It is not obligatory to watch both films, but it gives more context, so I recommend it. 
- The Azize-Zote cult featured in the film is based on the Raelien alien cult. Some of the scenes are exact replicas of real life Raelien situations and practices. 
- 48% of the film is overdubbed. This is because a lot of scenes were shot guerilla style. 
- DO YOU TRUSS ME? is inspired by David Lynch, Michael Mann, Richard Kern, Caspar Noe and Alejandro Inarritu. 
- 95% of the people in the film are non-actors playing weird versions of themselves. 
- The film is ultimately about 'not trusting'. It has three parts: PART 1 (Drugs, Sex and Government), PART 2 (Religion, Family and Relationships) and PART 3 (Yourself). It's about the paranoia that everything is against you. That you can't even trust yourself. The film is also about the 'insecurities of the male sexuality'. The film is less of a thriller and more about flushing my own demons out. It's less interested in the mystery (which is, to be fair, solved at the end of the film) and more about creating an environment that you don't fully understand. 
- Only 4 people have seen this online cut. 
- Some of the main characters appear in the first film, AFFINITY POINT (which is referenced from time to time). 
- My character's suit is inspired by Tom Cruise's character in the film Collateral. My red hair was inspired by a comic I saw in Heavy Metal magazine. 
- Like my other film, there's almost a half hour of cut footage (my apologies to the people in those scenes). 
- You can download the soundtrack for free here:…/do-you-truss-me-original-motion…