Deeh's first feature film AFFINITY POINT is now online to rent or buy!

It's finally online!!! Here's my very first film AFFINITY POINT for y'all to see! The film was shot in 2009 and premiered at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in 2010. It nominated for a Focus Award. The film stars yours truly,Danielle HubbardSet LanderichChristina SaundersYann Faussurier, Frederic Chaput, Sophie RicardRoxy Fraser, Angie Boudreau, Mike Racette, James LewisJesse Lee Lewis, Manu Gagnon (RIP), Jocelyn Guitard, and Ariane Michaud-Rancourt. It was written and directed by yours truly. Basically, the only crew was my partner in crime Mike Racette (who held the camera when I was onscreen). I aimed to follow the film rules of the Dogme 95. Affinity Point is very crude in it's production and execution but I am very proud of what we accomplished. And I have a personal soft spot for the story. Here's some production facts: 
- The film was shot on dv (the same year of the digital revolution in independent film) for 680$. 
- The film is based on true experiences that two of my friends had. 
- Even though my character busks, I had never busked at that point. In fact, I was a filmmaker for adult films at that time. I started busking 4 years later. With that said, there are some autobiographical elements in the story. 
- I gained 15 lbs in 3 months for the part so that I could lose 20 pounds halfway through the film. The losing part didn't go as planned, lol. 
- My mom almost had a nervous breakdown at the premiere because of the intense second half of the film. 
- My look was inspired by a high school friend who was adopted like my character. 
- I wanted to do a film that seemed to have almost no plot, but then suddenly have the story/film flip halfway through to something sinister. In other words, the first half has a huge contrast to the second half. 
- The film was inspired by Wings of Desire, The Crying Game, Blue Velvet, and Before Sunrise. 
- Affinity Point was basically my film school. I learned how to make movies during production. You can even see my confidence as an actor grow as the film goes along. 
- None of the actors (except Danielle Hubbard) had ever acted in a film before. A lot of the actors played weird versions of themselves. 
- Affinity Point was constantly edited and toyed with for years since it's premiere. It was 2h21min long back in 2010. Now it's 1h48min and finally closer to my vision of what the film should be. Only 3 people have seen this current cut. 
- Affinity Point was filmed as a Dogme 95. Which is basically a stripped down kind of filmmaking that brings indie to it's essence: No audio equipment was used to record, it was filmed with crude equipment, we used real locations without modifying them, no lighting whatsoever, camera was handheld, no optical work or filters, and it is anti-genre film. 
- At the time I wanted to invent a genre, whichI called "Epic-Indie". Basically, a cheap film done with almost no money but treated like an ambitious big budget Hollywood Oscar film. 
- The soundtrack is free on…/affinity-point-original-motion-…