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The Scroll has the first batch of summer shows booked! Montreal and Toronto!

The Scroll will be performing the following dates: 


- June 11th.Katacombes.9pm.Montreal

- August 26th.Mod Club.6pm.Toronto

- August 27th.(club uncomfirmed).(hour uncomfirmed).Toronto


NOTE: Because of promoter issues, the following shows are pushed back to a later date: 


- June 3rd.Velvet Underground.9pm.Toronto (Cancelled)

- June 8th.The Mod Club.6pm.Toronto (Cancelled)

Article about J Deeh's YiR Special, after show, and DEFAMED!

TRONA, CA:  Friday was a busy day for DNN, as it hosted a replay of Jason Deeh Pitre‘s Year in Review appearance on DNN On Air, showed a scene from the highly anticipated DEFAMEDminiseries (debuting on DNN On Air on April 1st), and brought the party to 

My new 6 part series DEFAMED: THE PEOPLE VS JASOUCHE DOUCHON is airing on April 1st!

DEFAMED: THE PEOPLE VS JASOUCHE DOUCHON is my new 6 PART SERIES I've been frantically working on that focuses on one of the biggest witch hunts and defamations on videocasting ever. Unfortunately, it involved yours truly. The series is a detailed and procedural look at how tribalism can make the masses believe anything. It's also a cyber mystery, of sorts. Anyway, if this floats your boat, it'll be airing LIVE on APRIL 1st (with a chat). Episodes will air every Friday and will also have a repeat showing on Sunday nights. The link and time will be announced soon!

A great review for The Scroll's It Will Never Come, Lover! (Thank You Bucketlist)

The Scroll’s latest release is called It Will Never Come, Lover, and Jason describes it as something that would fit well in the Tech Noir club scene of The Terminator or Taffey’s Bar in Blade Runner. It starts with “Hybristophilia” (a paraphilia in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and attainment of orgasm are responsive to, and contingent upon, being with a partner known to have committed an outrage). The song starts with stabs from a distorted electric guitar joined by glitchy electronic sounds. A fast-paced synth bass riff sets the tempo of this silky yet edgy song.


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