Thank you Bucket List for the amazing review!

'My main purpose for going was to check out a band I’ve never heard of, or even listened to, prior to the show; The Scroll. The Scroll are an electro-pop/experimental group from Montreal and describe themselves as, “Merging delicate beauty with bombastic ugliness.” When I saw the vocalist, J Deeh, in his full leather outfit and tiara, I told myself this was going to be good. This band has four albums and eight digital EPs to this date. Have I been living under a rock? Clearly.

The Scroll started the party at 10:30pm on the dot and the first thing I noticed was Deeh’s absolutely gorgeous voice. Being an enormous New Wave fan, I immediately thought Talk Talk. This dude sounds just like Mark Hollis. Backing him up was a keyboardist who looked like she belonged in a Robert Palmer video, a tough looking SICK Sax player, and a samples gal handling the computer. I was even more pleasantly surprised when an adorable, curvy, side pony-tailed lady came on stage to do back ups with her soft voice. Yep, I loved this band. They turned the smallish crowd into a bigger one and, before we knew it, there was a dance party happening. Perfect band to open an event like this up. By the end of their set they had a full band playing; drummer, bassist, two guitarists, and two back up vocalists. Check out their latest record, It Will Never Come Lover, here.'